Your Trusted RV Store in Moreno Valley since 1977


Up until December 19, 2019, Marjon RV’s Inc. has been owned and operated by Chuck & Kym Sisler. Although, “Marjon Mobile Homes” began back in 1977, they started Marjon RV’s together in 1981 and built a reputation as a “No Hassle” Dealer. The Company grew from there with the help of many of our loyal customers, manufacturers, lenders a reputation for customer satisfaction and a straight forward way of doing business. In 2008 Chuck and Kym sold Marjon RV’s and retired, but after being away from the industry they loved and the great people they’ve met over the years they decided that retirement was good but being around the great people they’ve met over the years was better, so in March of 2014 they re-opened and were welcomed back into the industry again by many of the leading manufacturers, banks and all the great people that they worked with in the past.

But, once again the time has come for Chuck and Kym to retire and live their life traveling and enjoying their family and grandchildren. Phillip King has been in the RV Business since January of 1998 and has worked his way throughout every aspect of this industry. His reputation is astounding and for those who know him and have worked with him will attest to this. It has been a very long goal of his to one day own this very dealership.

We will carry on the tradition and reputation of what was started so long ago that has made this company what it is today… Our way of doing business will always remain the same…Great prices, great customer satisfaction, great products